Nature is emergent and interconnected, benefitting both the whole and the parts. So must our future society.

“Realize that everything connects to everything else” – Leonardo DaVinci.

Meet the Speakers

We are currently finalizing the line-up for the next Connectathon in less than two months. Once we are ready, you'll be able to see them all below. If you have suggestions for future speakers or topics or even specific questions, please reach out to us! We'd love to know and to grow!  

Future Topics, Burning Questions

The Connectathon evolves with the wishes of our participants

Are there any topics you'd like to see us explore together? Any questions you'd like to hear some answers to, or reflections on? We are all ears and keen beans to hear from you! Drop us a line with any and all thoughts and suggestions!

Join the team!

Are you interested in plotting a path together to a future we want?

Every Connectathon sees more individuals, organisations and networks joining and finding common ground and purpose. Would you like to join us? 
Drop us a message at
and we'll have a date!

Confirmed Speakers

Spotlighted Speaker

"Speaker one" will be addressing "Topic" in Hour "number".  You can view their profile and connect directly on

Speaker Two

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Speaker Three

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Speaker Four

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