24 Hours for Earth and Humanity

What is it all about?

Equinoxes have been celebrated since the first measure of Time till today. A time of coming together. Of tying the past to future in the presence of community. 

We gather and hold space for 24 hours to connect with ourselves, with each other, with our past and with the world.  To ground 

We explore who we are, where we are and, above all, start writing the story of who we want to be and where we want to go as a species and a civilisation .

We take the insights and the new connections we make and create plans of action between here and the next Equinox gathering.

Coming together to take the next steps 

The Connectathon is a gathering of us all from across the globe for these 24 hours, to celebrate our humanity and look to where we wish to to take us.  Where we share all that matters for us to thrive together and all that needs wisdom weaving. All that must be shared amongst us all to set a new life-culture.
Since 2022, we have brought together thinkers, leaders, survivors, persistent weavers of knowledge and action & more for 24 hours together and talk about the night and day, the dark and light, negative and positive, the pro and the cons of all argument.

Arguments which bring out pathways, build boundaryless collaborations, give us the space to bring up the controversial and the constructive together so we may find all that is necessary for us to graduate to our improved selves.

Tell your story

We are a species of storytellers. Stories bind us together. Stories give us directions. Stories propel us into action.

Every person has a dream, a goal, a vision of the future. Together, these stories tell a grand narrative of who we are and what kind of a world we want for ourselves. The story of us. What is your story?

Share your story with us