Join us from 1500 UTC on 21st September for 24 hours of exploration

We are busy planning the program for the next Connectathon. 

If you have a topic you'd like to speak to or anyone you'd like to hear, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Hour One 1500 UTC 

Opening Ceremony 

In the Connectathon inaugural hour, we begin by collectively setting our intentions, recalling our roles as co-creators, listeners, and keepers of love, spirit, and hope, inviting participants to join us in shaping our shared rituals for a graceful, interconnected 24 hours, emphasizing the Red Thread of meaning that unites us throughout the event. 

Join us in setting the collective intent!


This hour is hosted by Alexander Laszlo.

Check back later!

We will post updates here as our speakers and themes continually get solidify!

We start on Friday 22 September, at 19:00 UTC.