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Our Humanity

Understanding others starts with understanding ourselves. If we don’t understand our own nature, it makes it really hard for us to understand each other and we will not create systems that bring out the best in us..

Systems that promote the cooperative and regenerative behaviour that we need to see more of in the world if we are to emerge a more sustainable civilisation.

The Outcome

We would like to use the Connectathon to initiate the mapping of resources and knowledge available to us in order to Human Better. From local support groups to conscious events for self-exploration to actual tools that might help us better understand our selves and the people we meet and interact with on a daily basis.


Ancient Future Wisdom

A familiar theme, if you joined us for our first two Connectathons. In these sessions we will continue to explore the beliefs and practices of our ancestors in order to learn what systems have survived nature’s unbiased, rigorous scrutiny and therefore stood the test of time, and why

Perhaps then we can extend these practices into our desired future so we see how they might shape our civilisation to come. This Connectathon we explore Wisdom from around the world from the perspective of The Rite of Passage.

The outcome

The goal of the Ancient Future Wisdom sessions is to collect stories from across the globe and publish these in a compendium.

As an adjacent project, we aim to post and pin these stories on the map, so people can search for them, read them, comment on them or make use of them in any other way.

Living Economies

For our future civilisation to be sustainable it will need to first be life-supporting, opportunity-creating and regenerative as we have overshot many of our boundaries as it is.

What does a circular economy look like, and what practices are truly regenerative, in all domains of human life?

The Outcome

As part of the Connectathon, we will seek to map practical examples of Living Economies across the globe. These might be hosted by communities you could visit or simply be inspired to implement in your own local community.


Tools for Transformation 

We are tool makers. We build things upon which our civilisation rests. But it is a two-way street, as the tools that we shape will in their turn shape us and our culture.

What tools might support the civilisation we aspire to? And can we continually modify the tools that we use now so that they adapt to be the most effective versions, capable of delivering our potential better future?

The Outcome

The goal of the Tools for Transformation is to initiate a living map of technologies that we might use to create the future we want. Tools that will shape us and our culture in a life-affirming, opportunity-increasing and future-creating way. 


Being Rituals

Framing The Connectathon is Being Rituals.  These are the points of departure and the points of arrival as we travel our circle. We also celebrate the moment of the Equinox itself here, the passing of the torch between the southern and the northern hemispheres, as it were.

A Circle to hold space before, during and in-between Connectathons to explore the value, meaning and significance of Being Rituals in our lives.

The Outcome

The goal of  Being Rituals is it to remind us of the value of ritual in our lives, as individuals and as a species. It is an invitation for us all to embrace ritual and to explore the role and form of ritual our Civilisation might embrace. What will the rituals of the future be? What do we wish them to be?


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