Think the Connectathon is a good idea? Please support us! 

Donating to the Connectathon

The Connectahton is a joint venture co-created by members of Social Systems Lab, Ecocivilisaiton and The 8one Foundation. We are also being supported by Living Citied Earth and The EARTHwise Centre with many many other participating individuals and networks.

Though most of the Equinox Connectathon can be run at a very small financial cost, mainly due to our partnering networks donating their time and other resources, we still have a few bills to pay and would very much appreciate your help in covering these!

How To Donate

As the Connectathon doesn't currently have its own bank account, we are accepting donations via the Social Systems Lab homepage. To help us direct the funds, should you chose to donate, please mention this in the message prompt.

You can find our donation page here.

And thank you for donating!

Our Donation page